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116 - Adding an Apply/Confirm/Commit Type of Button

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

I have accidentally selected a set to load, when I mean to select add to current loaded addons. I am not entirely sure if in fact by going back to the "default" set will load the addons that were previously setup for that particular character.

I had an idea that perhaps by adding an "Apply" or "Confirm" type of button, would ACP only then make the commit to the selected/deselected addons, so essentially if one would hit ESC, nothing would change. It would just add that extra layer of protection, from making that simple mistake.

If the "default" set does what I was inquiring about (see Curse comments), then I guess this wouldn't be necessary. It still though, maybe helpful.

Just a thought.

I absolutely love your addon! Thank you so much :)

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menace97 Aug 10, 2014 at 09:24 UTC Create

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Aug 10, 2014
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