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2011-06-06  sylvanaar  <>

[9c940e15aa11] [tip]
* .pkgmeta:

tools-used: idlua

2011-04-26  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.3.14 for changeset 8bfe5c89b9ed

[8bfe5c89b9ed] [3.3.14]
* ACP.toc

TOC 40100

2011-01-18  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.lua

support for X-Child-Of which works the same as X-Part-Of. Contributed by pddingo

2011-01-07  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.3.13 for changeset dd0ed9c6ba06

2010-12-26  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

[dd0ed9c6ba06] [3.3.13]
* ACP.lua

fix for some libraries which provide X-Category not showing up in the library section

2010-12-11  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.lua

sync the recursive checkbox with the slash command

* ACP.lua ACP.xml

the recursive checkbox now shows the correct state of recursive enable

2010-12-05  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.3.12 for changeset ce23499e2cd4

[ce23499e2cd4] [3.3.12]
* ACP.lua

allow slash commands for set management to take values >9

2010-12-02  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.lua

don't process protected addons when doing set operations

2010-11-28  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.3.11 for changeset 80808ecf5e11

[80808ecf5e11] [3.3.11]
* ACP.lua ACP.xml

make the ACP frame moveable

2010-11-27  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.3.10 for changeset 780e8955af72

2010-11-24  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

[780e8955af72] [3.3.10]
* ACP.lua

fix usage of global self

2010-11-23  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.lua

make the /acp command toggle the window

* ACP.lua

set the scale of acp's frame

2010-11-20  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.lua

check the length of the command string  so we dont print the command list when using /acp by itself

2010-11-19  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.lua

fix slash command issues

2010-11-18  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.lua

rudimentary fallthrough for invalid commands

* ACP.lua

add new slash commands /acp disableall, /acp addset N, /acp removeset N

* .idea/vcs.xml

add new slash commands /acp disableall, /acp addset N, /acp removeset N

2010-11-11  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* ACP.toc

update author with my new server/char

2010-10-29  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

delete all tags besides the most current

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.3.9 for changeset 558e8517963d

2010-10-19  sylvanaar  <[email protected]>

[558e8517963d] [3.3.9]
* ACP.lua

set the number of addon sets to 25

2010-10-12  sylvanaar  <[email protected]>

* .hgtags:

Tagging as 3.3.8

* ACP.toc

TOC 40000

2010-09-30  sylvanaar  <[email protected]>

* ACP.lua

ran the code formatter

2010-09-27  sylvanaar  <[email protected]>

* ACP.lua

ran the code formatter on the source


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