Allows easy creation of AceGUI EditBox widgets supporting autocompletion. They can be used as custom controls in AceConfig table entries as well, via the 'dialogControl' field (see AceConfig docs for more on the dialogControl option).

Example mock-up (see the .lua file for explanations and additional notes):

local AceGUI = LibStub("AceGUI-3.0")
local Completing = LibStub("AceGUI-3.0-Completing-EditBox")

Completing:Register ("ExampleGroupMembers", AUTOCOMPLETE_LIST_TEMPLATES.IN_GROUP)
Completing:Register ("ExampleMailbox",      AUTOCOMPLETE_LIST.MAIL)

-- Works just like the name field in the builtin mail window.
local send_to = AceGUI:Create("EditBoxExampleMailbox")

-- The options dialog here will autofill names in your current raid.
ace3option = {
    name = "Example",
    type = 'input',
    dialogControl = "EditBoxExampleGroupMembers",
    get = false,
    set = function (info, value)
        print("Ooooh shiny, you might have typed", value, "with the help of autocompletion!")

Bugs, comments, etc, at the wowace development site link.

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Date created
Oct 26, 2010
Last updated
Apr 03, 2011