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Enemy frames (Gryphon disabled)


May 15, 2010 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
An arena unit frame addon that aims at providing all information necessary to play on a competetive level. Features: Show health, power and cast bars for all units in the arena match...Done Complete configuration GUI...Done Fully mouseover macro compatible...Done Set the action to execute when you click the frame...Done Show the diminishing return status for your classes' CC spells...Done Show whether an enemy can get out of a certain CC or not...Done LibSharedMedia compatible...Done Display...
Button container in action

Aura Frames

Oct 26, 2016 Draniuz Release Embedded library
Aura Frames allows you to display any kind of buff or debuff on any given unit with highly customizable filtering, ordering, coloring and animation functionality. The "engine" behind the screens is the LibAura that is specific written for AuraFrames that provide aura information over all the units and even more. It also include information over internal cooldowns, spell cooldowns, totems, weapon enchantments, testing units and more. The filtering, ordering and coloring is unique. No addon has...


Apr 04, 2010 stolenlegacy Abandoned Embedded library
A plugin-based HUD system. See this page for plugin API.
Alert Types


Jun 28, 2011 kollektiv Abandoned Embedded library
What it does SpellAlerter is a basic spell alert mod based off the original SpellAlert mod. See the images for the different alert types you can setup. Features Add any spell and ability you want to be alerted to Three filters: Enemy Spellcasts, Enemy Buffs, and Friendly Debuffs Additional filtering for players only (reduces spam from things such as Mirror Image) Each alert can have its own sound play. It's similar to making triggers in MSBT but a lot more simplified. Optional minimap icon...


Oct 18, 2014 tomsommer Release Embedded library
sRaidFrames was originally designed to replace the raid frames provided by CT_RaidAssist. They share the same look and feel of the original frames, but are highly optimized and even include extra features such as aggro highlighting and display of PVE critical abilities. The main goal of sRaidFrames is to be just that, frames, nothing more; they do not deliver any other magic that you might know from CT_RaidAssist. This includes Decursing, Bossmods, Raid Status and Emergency Monitor. By not...
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