This has four different types of spell lists, but they all use the same API as AceGUIWidget-EditBox the only thing that changes is what spells are shown inside the prediction frame. By default all passive spells profession and junk spells (Defined by using an engineering or samwise icon) are filtered out.

  • Spell_Editbox - no extra filtering, displays everything that was added to the spell list.
  • Aura_EditBox - tries to only show auras, spells that have a cast range of under 100 yards and have a description text attached to them.
  • Casts_EditBox - will filter out anything that does not have a cast time attached to it.
  • Player_Editbox - Only shows spells that the player has in their spell book.

If you want to use this inside AceConfig-3.0 you will need to add a dialogControl to an input type, the below for example will create a prediction frame that will show only the players spells inside it, if you wanted to use another filter just replace Player_EditBox with Auras_EditBox and so on.

	order = 0,
	type = "input",
	name = "Aura name",
	dialogControl = "Player_EditBox",
	set = function(info, value) textStore = value end,
	get = function(info) return textStore end,

Another example of creating it using AceGUI-3.0, just like the above if you wanted to use another filter replace Player_Editbox with another one such as Auras_EditBox

local editBox = AceGUI:Create("Player_EditBox")
editBox:SetLabel("Aura name")
editBox:SetCallback("OnEnterPressed", function(widget, event, text) textStore = text end)

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Date created
Aug 07, 2009
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Oct 15, 2009