Aboutis will skip the gossip page and select the standard action when interacting with an NPC. Ex. "Let me browse your goods" for a vendor.

If you want the full gossip window, just hold the SHIFT key when interacting with the NPC.


The idea for Aboutis comes from an AddOn named AutoSelect by Vincent that I was using and that stop working ages ago.

Standard Disclaimer

I hold no responsibility if something breaks, smoke starts coming off your computer or if there is a flood in your village. I'm also not responsible if your brain turns into oatmeal after looking at my code, but comments are welcome.

What it does exactly

When interacting with an NCP that display a gossip window, it will:

  • Select the first completed quest (yellow ?) for turn in if there is one
  • Automatically complete the quest if there is only one or no choice of reward
  • Select the active quest (!) if there is only one
  • Automatically accept daily quests After testing, I decided to remove this.
  • Automatically select Training or Vendor if present

If you press SHIFT while interacting with an NPC, it does nothing.

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Date created
Jul 21, 2012
Last updated
Dec 28, 2015