Adding a new Spec


Aug 23, 2016 Release
New Features! Ignore Tiers when saving a specialization. Now when you're saving builds tailored to your needs, you can ignore the talent tiers that you don't care about! Silenced chat spam! Use "/tal options" to set Talented to silence talent-swap-spam always, when swapping builds through Talented, or never! LDB Support is still in the early stages, but a very workable version is now ready. You can disable the "Talented: " portion of the broker text in the settings. Left click to swap builds...
MountMacro v70000-2


Aug 23, 2016 Release
Description MountMacro uses a template to generate a macro. Every time you mount or change zone, the macro is regenerated with new random mounts. Your preferred mounts have a higher chance of being selected, but all the valid mounts still have a chance to appear. How do you use it? MountMacro generates two character specific macros named mm and mm2. To use the macros, simply drag them on one of your action buttons and optionally assign a key bind to it. You can modify the macro templates to...

Vocal Raid Assistant

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Vocal Raid Assistant Vocal Raid Assistant is deeply inspired by GladiatorlosSA and works as an audible announcer for what cooldowns and special abilities that are being used during PvE Encounters. Example of such abilities: Tranquility, Rallying Cry, Divine Hymn, etc. (Note: this has nothing to do with the bossmod VEM) Why use VRA? It helps the raid leader (and the raider) being aware of what cooldowns are being used at the current moment and if they are being used when asked. What won't you...
DKCrutch Frames


Aug 23, 2016 Release
DKCrutch is a swiss army knife for DKs. It shows the next ability that should be used for optimal dps (single target only), displays Fallen Crusader procs, and has it's own runic power, proc tracker frame (proc tracker shows Shadow Infusion for Unholy, Killing machine for frost and Blood Shield for Blood). and displays disease debuffs on target. Use /dkc for options.

Calendar Checker

Aug 23, 2016 Release
This addon checks if you have unanswered calendar invites when you log in (and if you do, it will open the calendar for you and send you a warning). It also sends you a warning when an event is created to which you are invited (if you are not currently in combat). It is a (very) basic addon! Please report bugs if you encounter any!
Available Missions

Master Plan

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Master Plan modifies the Garrison Missions UI, making it easier to figure out what you want to do. It can both suggest and complete parties to maximize mission rewards; see below for details. Bug reports and feature suggestions should be submitted using the ticket tracker. For some frequently-posted comments, see the FAQ page. Some highlights: The available missions list fits more missions on screen, shows you the mission's threats, and some suggested groups and their expected results,...
The display boxes

Simple Holy Power

Aug 23, 2016 Release
A simple Holy Power display that shows how many charges you have. To move the display boxes, Alt+drag the leftmost box. Slash command: /shp /shp color - Opens a window to let you change color of the holy power frame. /shp scale <number> - Sets the scale of the bar. Numbers between 0.5 and 3 are recommended. Sample usage: /shp scale 1.5 /shp alpha <number> - Sets the alpha value of holy power charges. Default value is 1.0, values must be between 0.2 and 1.0. /shp nocombat on|off - Whether the...
Simple Combo Points display

Simple Combo Points

Aug 23, 2016 Release
A simple Combo Point display that shows how many points you have. Has support for the anticipation talent. To move the display boxes, Alt+drag the leftmost box. Slash command: /scp /scp color - Opens a window to let you change color of the combo point frame. /scp scale <number> - Sets the scale of the bar. Numbers between 0.5 and 3 are recommended. Sample usage: /scp scale 1.5 /scp alpha <number> - Sets the alpha value of combo points. Default value is 1.0, values must be between 0.2 and 1.0....
Broker plugin


Aug 23, 2016 Release
v2.0.0 Released! The new version features a completely new GUI for viewing the mob database. It has been rewritten from scratch and is able to display all of the mob entries. There is no longer a limit of 200! KillTrack KillTrack will keep track of how many times you've killed various mobs. The main way to see this info is on tooltips. As you hover over any killable mob, the kill count will be displayed on the bottom of the tooltip. There is also a friendly list that you can bring up to...
DH Screenshot

Roth UI

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Github: visit github for a list of currently known bugs* Hello! Many of you are probably fans of zork's Roth UI! Though he plans no more maintenance to it in Legion, I am here to wipe those tears from your face! If not, this UI is a complete (or near complete) replacement for the standard Blizzard UI. While some things such as character info screen and menus are not replaced, most of the constantly visible UI elements are. This will replace your actionbars...

Fused Council

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Fused Council is a loot council addon developed for the US guild Fused on Illidan. Features: Council automatization Once a mob is looted with Guild Master Loot enabled the items are automatically sent to everyone eligible to receive the loot. Transmission Acknowledgment All data sent between players is tracked with failure detection. Three Click Loot Loot can be given out in as little as three simple clicks: loot the mob, player selects loot response (need/greed/pass ext.), give loot....
Tanaan Jungle map

Daily Global Check

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Type /dgc to open the main frame This addon, with its plugins, opens an easy to read frame that tracks which dailies/weeklies have been completed by your characters. It can track simple things like available quests or the more difficult things to remember like which world bosses have been killed. Features Quest, profession, instance, mission, work order, treasure chest, rare mob and currency tracking capability Possibility to view quest completion either for the current character (Classic...

Move Unit Frames

Aug 23, 2016 Release
A World of Warcraft addon that moves unit frames to a more sane position

GNOLL - Gnaahs Overall Loot Lexicon

Aug 23, 2016 Release
GNOLL - Gnaahs Overall Loot Lexicon GNOLL is an addon that you can use for searching for loot or something similar of your interest. If you find something in our loottables, feel free to add it to your wishlist! All of the appearances are maybe not yet finished. Limited Time Only: Legion Pre Event Support! Features: Loot: Classic, BC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and Legion Loot are fully working! Factions: Classic, BC, WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD and Legion Factions are fully working! Wishlist: Add or...


Aug 23, 2016 Mature
Whenever you open a merchant window, GreySeller wil sell all your grey stuff. Hopefully it will help you save some time and clicks. It tries to be as silent as possible - no slash commands to be used - no configuration needed - it just sells your grey stuff. If you happen to like it, or if you found it useful, drop a comment :)


Aug 23, 2016 Release
cInterrupt announces in the proper chat channel when you interrupt a spell Installation Copy cInterrupt from the .zip to your World of Warcraft folder(WoW\Interface\AddOns\PLACE IT HERE) Also, make sure the game is closed when moving new files into the addon directory as it is unable to discover new files when it's already running. F.A.Q All questions, suggestions, and bugs can be directed to me in-game or in a issues report too Issue Report If you find a bug, then properly make an Issue...
Chat Frame


Aug 23, 2016 Release
Inspired by FriendsMenuXP and Armory QuickLink Legion. Extends popup menus with "Guild Invite", "Copy Name", "Who" and "Armory" on: Chat Frame (realID supported) Friends Frame (realID supported) Guild Frame Target Frame Raid Frame Premade Group Finder (only "Armory") Other feature Alt + Left Click player link to invite Please let me know if you get WRONG ARMORY URL. Leave a comment here with your server name and GUID. To get GUID, use this script: /script print(UnitGUID("player"))
Interface 1.10

mOnArs WardrobeHelper

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Description This is a simple addon that lists your missing appearances categorized by instances they come from. Features Shows missing transmogs from your collection by Instance Shows list of instances categorized by Expansion Separates Dungeons and Raids Marks instances you are currently saved to Shows current progress for every instance More to come :) Usage "/mwd" or use button in Collection appearances tab to open addon interface Click Refresh Items - this might take a few seconds and...

Tome of Teleportation

Aug 23, 2016 Release
Tome of Teleportation organises all of your teleporting spells and items into a single window. If the item needs to be equipped then it will automatically be unequipped after you have teleported. The Tome also lets you create macros to use the spells. Just type /tele to open the Tome, or click the minimap icon. Other options /tele move x y: Move the window to a new location /tele reset: Move the window back to the middle of the screen /tele showicon: Show the minimap icon /tele hideicon: Show...
SpellBook when AutoMacro is on


Aug 23, 2016 Release
Why did I create this? When I got my Razer Naga mouse, I've started creating mouseover macros for my spells, so I could use it with the mouse numeric keyboard. However, it was pretty tedious copy-pasting and replacing spell's name here and there. This was even worse when I installed Legion beta and found out I should create ALL the macros again, even if I've imported the character. Ouch. So, I had the idea to create this little addon to help me create spell macros way faster! How does it...