Sep 26, 2016 Release
Displays how many recipes are learnable on each of Nomi's work order options. Also shows a tooltip listing which recipes can be learned, as well which ones you aren't qualified for in grey. Slash commands /nomi and /nomicakes will output available recipes for each ingredient to the chat.
Listing Keystones


Sep 26, 2016 Release
NKeystone is a barebones addon to allow guild members to obtain info for each others keystones.
Options Screen


Sep 25, 2016 Release
Isn't it annoying to have to check to see if you /need/ that piece for transmogrification? This is no longer a problem! This addon, with some basic rules, will automatically roll need on items which you do not currently have the transmog for and can earn it. Make those low-level runs a snap! Looking for Translators.
Solo Player Mode with Player/Target HUD


Sep 25, 2016 Release
nUI is a user interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It is 100% standalone code designed to feel like Bliz meant the UI to look this way. nUI removes a ton of clutter from the display, provides detailed targeting information, an integrated HUD, cooldowns and more all in one tightly integrated single-source addon that requires no user configuration. This is *not* an addon pack. It is a single, custom, hand-coded addon. Please note: nUI is user supported software. It relies on your...
Multiple Rares


Sep 25, 2016 Release
NPCScan helps you find NPCs by scanning nameplates, minimap vignettes, and mouseover targets, with an optional dynamic targeting keybinding. Once an NPC is found by one of these methods, an on screen alert is displayed and an audio alert is played. Comments and Feedback: CurseForge Forum Thread Bug Reports and Suggestions: WowAce Issue Tracker Translators: WowAce Localization Nameplates Alerts will be triggered whenever a nameplate is created, if that nameplate belongs to one of the tracked...


Sep 21, 2016 Release
This addon is a simple nameplates. Blizzard's nameplate will be improved. They are restyled, and the aggro border is back. This nameplates has a filter to change the color of the healthbar. You will see the important mob is colored in raid.


Sep 21, 2016 Release
Edits the WorldMap title, Quests tracker title, and the minimized Objectives title with your current number of active quests next to the total quests you can have. The numQuests.lua file contains instructions on how to disable any of the three locations. NOTE: Emissary quests, the meta quests that give you a chest for doing four world quests, are actually regular quests that count against your 25 quest limit. However, they are hidden from your log. I have included a left click action on the...

New Openables

Sep 19, 2016 Release
Add-on scan bags for items to use, open, learn etc. When find new proper item it create click-able button like action bars. If there is more than one item only one of them is placed on button, when button is clicked then another item is placed on button etc. Button then can be clicked again to use that another item. Take it as some sort of alert "Hey you have new stuff to use!". This is now extended to "Quest Items" it could complement click-able button in "Quest watch frame" with two...
NNNF Interface


Sep 19, 2016 Beta
The default Blizzard Guild interface doesn't share information about Cooking skill and recipes among guildmates. This addon allows you to share all the Legion Cooking Recipes with your guildmate. It uses Ace3-Comm to share informations about discovered recipes and your current rank. Your guildmates need to have NoNameNoFood installed to see your Cooking recipes, and for you to be able to see theirs. Usage : type /nnnf to open the recipe interface
Nanika Paladin Blessings

Nanika Pally Blessings

Sep 18, 2016 Release
Does anything it does. Which at the moment is only the following: Paladin Blessings Inspired by the old goodness of PallyPower, this module lets you assign targets and which blessings to cast on them. Left Click the button to cast Right Click the button to assign targets Scroll on the icon to change blessing Right Click and drag the header to move the frame Click and drag the right of the header to change size. This is my first addon so the code is still a bit scruffy from the refactoring...
ncb 5.0


Sep 15, 2016 Release
Class resource tracking: Rogue: CPs, Shadow Dance Druid: CPs, Pulverize stacks Warlock: Soul Shards Deathknights: Runes, 2 modes Paladin: Holy Power, SotR charges Monk: Chi, Brew charges Mage: Arcane Charges, Icicles Hunter: MongooseBite charges My other combat addons: NugRunning - Spell timers NugEnergy - Energy/Rage/Focus/Maelstrom/Insanity etc bar NugHealth - Tanking Healthbar

Netherwing Eggs

Sep 15, 2016 Release
Description Places a pin on the World Map and Minimap for every known Netherwing Egg spawn location. Each pin has a tooltip with a detailed location description. Works great in Legion! No other AddOn is so comprehensive. Over 90 documented spawn locations! How to Use Instal: Like any other AddOn. Perhaps use the installer provided by this website. Set up: Works 'as is'. For options enter '/ne' in chat. Details Players are able to collect Netherwing Eggs to gain Netherwing reputation. At...

Nox's Sound Destroyer

Sep 13, 2016 Release
Nox's Sound Destroyer Latest: 1.1.3 (September 20, 2016) [DELAYED -> ETA: UNKNOWN] A new "item" has made its way into the game! Nox's Sound Destroyer Z90 eliminates some of the most annoying in game World of Warcraft sounds indefinitely. Currently, the mod eliminates the following sounds: All harpy creature sounds. (This includes both the old sounds used up to and including Warlords of Draenor (support for these sounds are in v1.1, as well as the new sounds used in Legion.) All motorcycle...
Main example


Sep 12, 2016 Release
About NameplateAuras displays players' buffs/debuffs above their nameplates. It is inspired by PlateBuffs which isn't maintained now. Facts NameplateAuras should work with any non default nameplates (ofc default nameplates are supported too) You can select filter for spells (only your buffs/debuffs or all). More filters soon. List of built-in spells is short, but you can add custom spells. It should has a little impact on performance (I'll do my best) Chat commands /nauras - opens options...


Sep 12, 2016 Release
Rotational timer addon for all classes. - Timers are customizable for each spell - Supports groups, priorities and is able to normalize selected timers duration and hence bring them to a common speed - Multitarget, works with combat log - Works with cooldowns, totems, internal cooldowns, castbar timers. - Support for dot/gcd ticks, Pandemic and similar WoD dot mechanic - Nameplate timers (supports TinyPlates, by default only for warlock and priest) - Good default config for most classes. WoD...

nPlates 2.0

Sep 11, 2016 Release
nPlates 2.0 Nameplates for use with Neav UI or standalone. Options All Blizzard settings work with these nameplates and it also has the following custom options. Tank Mode: Color nameplate by current threat status. Green = Tanking, Orange = Loosing Threat Color Name By Threat: Same as above but only for the name. Off Tank Coloring: Changes nameplate color if the target is being tanked by off tank. Health Options: You can show current health, percentage, both, or neither on the health bar. Set...


Sep 10, 2016 Release
Friendly nameplates will be colored by class, and names colored white Enemy nameplates will be colored hostile, and names colored by class Slash Commands: /nc, /nameplatecolors For more advanced nameplates you can use KuiNameplates, Tidy Plates, Plater or ElvUI


Sep 04, 2016 Release
Rage and energy monitor. For energy text value is updated every 5pts, so it's easier on the eyes. You can toggle support for focus, runic power and monk energy Slash command: /nen /nen unlock - enable dragging /nen reset /nen focus /nen monk /nen fury /nen insanity /nen runic /nen balance There's not much configuration in-game, but you can find some additional options at the top of NugEnergy.lua: widht, height, texture, color, font
Nephilist Nameplates

Nephilist Nameplates

Sep 01, 2016 Release
Nephilist Nameplates are designed for easy, fast recognition in hectic combat environments without obscuring the game world. Recent changes: Rewritten for Legion Now supports player nameplate, combat resources, buffs, and debuffs
exp and rep


Aug 30, 2016 Release
When you kill a enemy a quest you get a text message that tells you how many of those you need to kill to level up. Works for quests, gatherings, exploration and all other ways you gain experience as well. Works the same way for factions, when you gain reputation you get a message telling you how many more of that action you need to increase your standing. Or be more hated, depending on what you are doing.