nPlates 2.0

Aug 23, 2016 Release
nPlates 2.0 Nameplates for use with Neav UI or standalone. Options All Blizzard settings work with these nameplates and it also has the following custom options. Tank Mode: Color nameplate by current threat status. Green = Tanking, Orange = Loosing Threat Color Name By Threat: Same as above but only for the name. Off Tank Coloring: Changes nameplate color if the target is being tanked by off tank. Health Options: You can show current health, percentage, both, or neither on the health bar. Set...


Aug 23, 2016 Release
This addon is a simple nameplates. Blizzard's nameplate will be improved. They are restyled, and the aggro border is back. This nameplates has a filter to change the color of the healthbar. You will see the important mob is colored in raid.
Example - Main


Aug 22, 2016 Release
This AddOn will show you selected cooldowns of an enemies above their nameplates. NameplateCooldowns does not contain a single piece of code from Icicle, but was inspired by it. Compatible with Tidy Plates, PlateBuffs. *****LEGION***** Feel free to report about incorrect/missing cooldowns. ******************** Call to arms I'm looking for anyone who can help on translating NameplateCooldowns. If you are interested in it, please visit localization portal. Configuration Type /nc in game chat to...


Aug 21, 2016 Release
Rotational timer addon for all classes. - Timers are customizable for each spell - Supports groups, priorities and is able to normalize selected timers duration and hence bring them to a common speed - Multitarget, works with combat log - Works with cooldowns, totems, internal cooldowns, castbar timers. - Support for dot/gcd ticks, Pandemic and similar WoD dot mechanic - Nameplate timers (supports TinyPlates, by default only for warlock and priest) - Good default config for most classes. WoD...
Main example


Aug 20, 2016 Release
About NameplateAuras displays players' buffs/debuffs above their nameplates. It is inspired by PlateBuffs which isn't maintained now. Facts NameplateAuras should work with any non default nameplates (ofc default nameplates are supported too) You can select filter for spells (only your buffs/debuffs or all). More filters soon. List of built-in spells is short, but you can add custom spells. It should has a little impact on performance (I'll do my best) Chat commands /nauras - opens options...
ncb 5.0


Aug 19, 2016 Release
Class resource tracking: Rogue: CPs, Shadow Dance Druid: CPs, Pulverize stacks Warlock: Soul Shards Deathknights: Runes, 2 modes Paladin: Holy Power, SotR charges Monk: Chi, Brew charges Mage: Arcane Charges, Icicles Hunter: MongooseBite charges My other combat addons: NugRunning - Spell timers NugEnergy - Energy/Rage/Focus/Maelstrom/Insanity etc bar NugHealth - Tanking Healthbar
No Raid Loot Frames Picture

No Raid Loot Frames

Aug 15, 2016 Release
This is a very simple and super light weight (1 line of code) add-on that simply turns off the extra loot frames that show who won loot and covers up your screen right after you kill a dungeon or raid boss. The code is only one line: BossBanner:UnregisterAllEvents() I did not come up with this idea. It was written by Gello on Hyjal. I am simply turning it into an addon for you. He deserves the credit. You can find the original post here: To...
Damage mode

Numeration Damage Meter

Aug 14, 2016 Release
Numeration is minimalistic damage and healing meter. It aims to be as memory and cpu efficient as possible for the data it stores. You can watch a really old version of it in action here: The code has been rewritten a lot since then, but the appearance did not change too much. Features Available Modes are: Damage, Damage Targets, Damage Taken: Targets, Damage Taken: Abilities, Friendly Fire, Healing + Absorb, Overhealing, Dispels, Interrupts, Power...


Aug 14, 2016 Release
Save and share notes in-game! Speichert und teilt Notizen im Spiel. Escribir y compartir notas en el juego. Позволяет создавать заметки и делится ими в игре.* Create an unlimited number of notes, each up to 2048 characters in length. Share your notes with other players via whisper, guild, officer, party, raid, instance, or chat channels. Notebook notes sent by other players will be temporarily added to your Notebook, where you will be able to read them at your leisure, save them permanently,...


Aug 14, 2016 Release
When you create a new character, or log into a long-inactive character, the game randomly assigns your character a title. This addon promps you to remove it -- no Blizz, my new bank alt is not a Hand of A’dal! Nothing complicated, just a little fix for a minor annoyance. I’ve been using it for a while and figured some other altoholics may also find it useful. Feedback Post a ticket on GitHub Post a comment on WoWInterface Post a thread on WoWAce If you are reporting a bug, please make sure...


Aug 13, 2016 Release
Blah blah blah, yeah? Some NPCs don't know when it would be better to keep their mouth shut. So let's help them by shutting it for them. NPCIgnore removes all NPC chatter from specific NPCs in chat. It cannot remove the audio related to the speech though since that is not doable within WoW API. If you wish to completely mute Rhonin I suggest getting STFU Rhonin! addon in addition to NPCIgnore. Usage By default the addon ignores some NPCs: Topper McNabb Rhonin If you wish to ignore or unignore...


Aug 13, 2016 Release
Minipet Autosummon hooked on forward movment. How it works: When you start moving forward addon checks if you have minipet summoned already, if not and if you're not in combat and not mounted (etc.) then it will summon one from your list of favorite pets. In 5.0 it's the same, Ctrl-Click can set pet as favorite along with blizzard's dropdown menu.
Styled chat bubbles


Aug 12, 2016 Release
This is an addon that styles the chat bubbles appearing in the game world to be smaller, less intrusive, and not so much in the way of what is happening on the screen. It has no user options, but sets the size of the bubbles based on your selected font size in the default chat frame. The idea is to clear up screen space while still having the bubbles visible, so you can pay attention to both what is happening and to what people and NPCs are saying, without having your eyes going ping pong...


Aug 11, 2016 Release
Friendly nameplates will be colored by class, and names colored white Enemy nameplates will be colored hostile, and names colored by class For more advanced nameplates you can use KuiNameplates, Plater or ElvUI Note: If you stop using this addon the enemy class colors cvar will still stay disabled, but you can change it back to 1 again /run SetCVar("ShowClassColorInNameplate", 1) ReloadUI()


Aug 07, 2016 Release
This addon adds most important to me features of Examiner (which is in bad shape currenly) to default Inspect frame, that is: - Keybinding for inspect - Ability to view character model of enemy NPC/Players, even if you can't see items - Item levels are displayed while holding Alt If you want colored item borders, get oGlow


Aug 07, 2016 Release
Disable auto-adding new spells to actionbar. IconIntroTracker:UnregisterEvent("SPELL_PUSHED_TO_ACTIONBAR") The lua code is very simple, one line. You can use it by yourself without installing this addon.


Aug 07, 2016 Release
Tanking health bar (only visible in tank specs during combat) Features: - Adjustable Resolve and Stagger indicators - Absorb bar - Health drop amount effect - Class color or custom Console commands: /nhe unlock /nhe lock /nhe staggerlimit <10-100> /nhe resolvelimit <20-500>
Nephilist Nameplates

Nephilist Nameplates

Aug 06, 2016 Release
Nephilist Nameplates are designed for easy, fast recognition in hectic combat environments without obscuring the game world. Recent changes: Rewritten for Legion Now supports player nameplate, combat resources, buffs, and debuffs


Aug 04, 2016 Release
Stops the chat text from fading out. That's all.


Aug 03, 2016 Release
Addon create and manage text notes ingame in a questlog like frame. Right-click the title to change it [ctrl] + Right-click the title to change the category Your text is saved automatically Drop items in your text french localization (thanks to Socketubs) new mini notes frame: define a key binding to open/close the mini frame TODO copy/paste with chat map coords map marker Content With this addon you can create and manage text notes ingame. Recipes, todos, all your text notes are saved and...