Jul 13, 2010 xtoq Inactive
Have you ever wanted to have a list of random sayings to say in WoW, but don't want 10 different macros to say them? Need to congratulate your guildies, but don't want to always say the same old boring "Grats!"? Need a way to announce that you're soulstoning someone, but don't want to say the same thing everytime and don't want a bloated addon that does more than what you need? SayRandomQuote could be for you! Simply create a list of random quotations or sayings and call them in-game with a...
Bagsy: A DataBroker Plugin


Feb 09, 2010 xtoq Inactive
Since the original author is MIA, I am taking over this project partly to become more familiar with lua, and partly because I love it. Please file any request and/or problems in the ticket area and I'll do my best to work them out. Bagsy: A DataBroker Plugin The screenshot will tell you everything you'll need to know about this plugin, but basically it's all about bag information (free slots, taken slots, that kind of thing). What is DataBroker? DataBroker is part of a system that's similar...