Sales tab


Sep 15, 2011 Cyprias Inactive
When you open your mail, My Sales keeps track of who bought your auctions and displays the item, money, buyer and when in a table. Type /ms to bring up the options screen. PM me if you'd like to take over this project. Features Display your sale in a table display. Show what your top sellers are and your top buyers. Buyer names coloured if they're in your guild or friends list. Filter entries by time. Plans for the future Add option to remove old data. Known Issues Buyer name missing: This...
Tracking Bars (Spells)

Track Cooldowns

Sep 10, 2013 ph33rtehgd Release
Description Now updated for Mists of Pandaria! More cooldowns and features to come! Track Cooldowns tracks and displays following raid/party spells: Death Knight: Anti-Magic Zone, Anti-Magic Shell, Bone Shield, Icebound Fortitude, Vampiric Blood, Rune Tap, Raise Ally, Dark Command, Death Grip, Mind Freeze, Strangulate, Gorefiend's Grasp, Remoreless Winter, Desecrated Ground, Death Pact, Unholy Blight, Lichborne, Asphyxiate, Death's Advance Druid: Barkskin, Innervate, Rebirth, Tranquility,...