in the city


Jul 24, 2014 wwwfishuinet Inactive
The Shattrath city's across server's General channel version of Stormwindforwarder, which will let you see across server's General LFG channel wherever you are. Stormwindforwarder Stormwind's across server's General LFG channel message forwarder. http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/stormwindforwarder/ Some commands: /shw forwarding across server's General LFG channel message /shw list A shortcut to see the player list who are in the hidden channel. ( who has installed ShattrathForwarder) /shw...
in the raid


Jul 24, 2014 wwwfishuinet Inactive
After installing StormwindForwarder, you will join a HIDDEN channel automatically. The addon communicates with others who has also installed it, to choose one in across server's General LFG channel, who will afterwards forward the message he saw in SFW to the HIDDEN channel. Therefore others can get across server's General LFG channel messages from the HIDDEN channel wherever they are. Applicable area: English(enUS)、French(frFR)、German(deDE)、Russian(ruRU)、Simplified Chinese(zhCN)、Traditional...


Feb 13, 2013 warbaby Inactive
Reduce the chance that talent switching be forbidden. These codes are based on very hard work of reviewing Blizzard's source code and testing taint status. The cause of the failure is rather complicated. As far as we know, there are 3 reasons at least. 1. Addon calls ToggleTalentFrame() to open talent panel. 2. Addon calls StaticPopup_Show() 3. Addon use UIFrameFlash() 4. Addon use ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter (related to reason 3.) This addon can fix reason 1, 2 and 4. But for reason 3,...
NetEaseUI Main Panel


Nov 12, 2012 warbaby Inactive
Introduction NetEaseUI is an advanced in-game addon control center, which combines Categoring, Searching, Loading and Setting of wow addons all together. The most advanced feature is that ANY addons can be loaded immediately at ANYTIME, even those are not load-on-demands. And it provides a complete solution for registering addons options to the control panel. It provides a series option widgets like AceGUI does, and saves and loads variables automatically. You can easily add commonly used...


Nov 12, 2012 warbaby Inactive
Greatly extends the player drop down menu without secure taint. This mod works on these menu player link in chat frame player menu in Friends Frame player menu in Guild Frame player menu in BlizzardRaidUI Other powerful feature Still have the "Target" option when out of combat! NEVER taint the RaidUI dropdown menu Alt + LClick player link to invite him Shift + LClick player link to query his information (SendWho) Ctrl + LClick player link to target him (no use in combat) Added menu options...


Sep 13, 2012 warbaby Inactive
This addon is separated from my addon "TheBurningTrade" (here). New version of TheBurningTrade no longger provides the trade log feature. You can use the new TheBurningTrade(version 2.0+) and TradeLog together, or only use the old version of TheBurningTrade. Features that old TheBurningTrade has : Redirects the trade result information to the chat window to avoid missing them Records detailed trade info and provides CROSS-SESSION trade list Analyze why trade failed. Was it because you ran...


Nov 02, 2014 warbaby Release
The trade channel version of LFGForwarder, which will let you see trade channel wherever you are. The command is /tfw instead of /lfw The LFGForwarder is here : LFGForwarder@Curse