Compact Runes 1

Compact Runes

Sep 14, 2014 talryn1 Release
Warlords of Draenor Beta The latest alpha versions will work on live or beta. For beta, you will need to enable the "Load Out of Date Addons" option. You can download the latest alpha here: http:www.wowace.com/addons/compact-runes/files/ The alpha will always have the latest updates, but if you have trouble getting the alpha, you can download a beta version here: https:www.dropbox.com/s/vlcy5c8bq2yo7v8/CompactRunes.zip Description Compact Runes is a re-write of DocsDebugRunes. It preserves...

Character Notes

Jul 19, 2014 talryn1 Release
5.4 As a part of virtual realms, Blizzard changed the format of character names that include the server. Previously, the name and server were separated by a space, a dash, then a space. Now it will just be a dash. Character Notes could store notes for characters from other servers but it used the older format. When you first run version 2.2+ it should find and update any of these older "cross-server" names. Going forward, all names will use the newer format though. Description Character Notes...