Show How Much You Care


Jun 28, 2011 sylvanaar Inactive
Creates a text "meter" of how much you care. Can be output to any chat channel CareMeter™: -10 [--------------------|] 10 That's all it does. Use /care for instructions. Examples: /care 0 guild /care 10 /care -10 party /care -2 channel 2 /care 5 whisper sylvaan


Oct 21, 2012 sylvanaar Release
Provides commands to search the chat history. /find <text> - Find lines containing <text> and scrolls to them. Repeat command to find additional occurrences of <text> /findall <text> - List all lines containing <text>


Jun 28, 2011 sylvanaar Inactive
Bind a key, and copy text from whatever your mouse is hovering over. Chatframes, QuestText, Menus whatever. You can bind a key from the blizzard key bindings configuration menu. The following slash commands are supported: /cpyt <Name of Frame> This is mostly used for the chatframes, eg. /cpyt ChatFrame1 you can bind keys to copy the frame that your mouse pointer is over, or the game tooltip (since you cant mouse over it). I suppose you could also use: /cpyt GameToolTip