Sep 11, 2013 suicidalkatt Release
!SimplePowerBar Is a lightweight addon designed to replace the default Blizzard Alternate Power Bar. It will automatically show or hide when needed. Features: Use the clean SimplePowerBar or enable the default Blizzard frame if you so desire. Customizable placement and sizing. Drag and drop placement or exact. Horizontal or vertical statusbar orientation. Customizable coloring for everything as well as optional color fading or class coloring. Additional text options for labeling and...
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Oct 12, 2010 suicidalkatt Inactive
Very minimalistic and low memory alternative to the blizzard soulshard system. Hides Blizzard UI features, allows combat fading, scaling, and positioning. Minor config settings are available in the Lua. I'm sure I did a pretty terrible job with this but enjoy. Please leave feedback I'd like to make this a useful addon for the masses. /sb or /soulburned for options.


Mar 20, 2010 suicidalkatt Release
Just a simple addon that allows you to perform a ready check with the slash command '/rc'. You will receive an error message when unable to do so. Some localizations are not complete, however will not effect the AddOn.