Action Highlighting


Nov 17, 2014 soulwhip Release
Nemo is a pre-configured addon that glows the highest priority spell in your DPS rotation. Features: Supports any class Rotations are fully customizable through the addon Rotations support items and macro buttons Actions can trigger alerts textures, sounds and text Simcraft rotation importer Compatible with: dataBroker, Dominoes, Bartender, Masque, ElvUI, ZygorGuides Quick start guide: Class rotation forums:...


Feb 10, 2015 soulwhip Release
Weak Aura Rotations The WAR addon has two main purposes. WAR stores Weak Aura rotations so they can be imported and updated. WAR contains an API with useful functions that can be used in custom Weak Aura triggers. The reason I stopped developing Nemo was due to the complex nature of using lua for creating simple actions. Nemo was not a widely used addon, so the tutorials and usability things never really took off. To provide users with rotations and keep a flexible and powerful interface that...