BossTactics Firelands

Sep 17, 2011 knetik Planning
This is the Firelands instance module for BossTactics. Most strats and images are in. Dots are still needing to be placed properly. This addon as well as the main bosstactics addon have been updated and now work. Still not finished though. This addon is a module and requires the main addon BossTactics


Oct 22, 2012 knetik Planning
BossTactics improves and simplifies explaining boss tactics in World of Warcraft. Development Has Restarted. Looking for coders to assist. Knetik (aka Czarknetik) has taken over this addon in an attempt to keep it going. This has been a great addon that has helped many guilds to simplify fight strategies and setups. Sorontur's final statement before handing it off After over 5 years of WoW, it is time for me to end my time ingame. It was really a great time, raiding with so many friends and...