Pet Battle Impale Hinter

Jan 02, 2013 smcn Release
Do you like pet battles? Do you like Harbinger of Flame's Impale ability? This addon will alert you via a chat window message when to use Impale for maximum effect. The best time to use Impale is when the initial damage will take the opponent below 25% health, after which the special effect of the ability will finish the job. This is true when opponentCurrentHP <= opponentMaxHP * 0.25 + impaleDamage. (The only exception is against Mechanical pets, in which case you might want to save it for...

Mouseover Raid Icons

Sep 30, 2013 smcn Release
Adds keybinds to assign a raid icon to your mouseover target. Keybinds are found in the Blizzard key binding interface.


Mar 10, 2014 smcn Release
SmartTabTarget automatically switches your tab-targetting between "nearest enemy" and "nearest enemy player" based on your PvP status. /stt or /smarttabtarget for configuration.


Apr 07, 2014 smcn Release
A simple addon for those of us who don't always pay attention to what we loot. If you happen to pick up an item that starts a quest, you will be alerted in the form of an on-screen message and a sound effect. No configuration necessary.