May 25, 2013 sirjoga Release
I cannot support this addon anymore, have no WoW subscription. If anyone wants to maintain it, please tell me, i'll add you as maintainer. What is this Text indicators for Grid raid frames Features 4 corner text indicators and 4 side text indicators for Grid raid frames. Description This is a replacement for abandoned GridIndicatorSideText and GridIndicatorCornerText addons
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Jan 03, 2012 sirjoga Inactive
What is this Raid leader's/assistant's UI for quick EPGP penalty writing out. Features EP and GP-based penalties; Quick "click-click-ok" procedure; Possibility of writing "custom reason" for each penalty. Description Standard EPGP interface is not comfortable when you have to penalize several players each pull. With EpgpCop you can just type /epcop (or macro this, there is no minimap buttons for now), click plates of players to penalize (left click - increase amount, right click - decrease...


Jan 02, 2012 sirjoga Inactive
Description GridStatusPalaBeacon adds status to Grid raid frames to show Paladin's Beacon of Light buff, both yours and casted by other pallys Two separate statuses for your and other holy paladin's Beacons may be useful for coordination between Holy Pallys in raids. Using status color and countdown text for buff expiration warnings Most of provided functionality can be received from GridStatusAurasExt and GridStatusHots, but configuration of GridStatusPalaBeacon is much more simple. Usage...


Dec 10, 2011 sirjoga Inactive
What is this Grid status addon to track raid debuffs. Features Show more than 1 debuff at one time (configurable number of statuses) Ignorance list (debuffs you're not want to see at all) Keybinding for hide all debuff views while pressed (e.g. to view unit name hidden by all this icons) Description Unlike GridStatusRaidDebuff, this addon don't need any presets or "detection phases" at all. It shows all debuffs using configurable number of statuses. It's developed to use with...