GMI 0.1


Jan 10, 2015 scotepi Release
Interface for addons to include extra information on the GuildMemberInfo frame. How to use This is only for other addon authors that want to put extra information next to the guild frame when people are selected. Load GuildMemberInfo In your toc make GuildMemberInfo a dependency ## Dependencies: GuildMemberInfo Register with GuildMemberInfo bool = GMI:Register('AddonName', { lines = { uniqueLabel = { -- Required callback = function(GetGuildRosterInfo(i)) return newText; end, -- Optional label...
GMI-TS 0.3

GuildMemberInfo - TradeSkills

Jan 10, 2015 scotepi Inactive
Guild Trade Skills is a simple addon that displays guild member professions on the Guild Member Detail frame and gives a quick link to there book. It is designed to make it quick and easy to what someones professions are.