Feb 01, 2014 sapu94 Release
This library will fix the shortfalls with debugprofilestart() and debugprofilestop() with the goal of providing a conflict-free way for addons to get accurate timing information. A common use-case for this would be for timing coroutines in order to limit the amount of processing that's done, or to do something in the "background" without using up too much CPU time. Manually Installing Download the latest version. Rename the extracted folder to "!AccurateTime" (add the '!' to the front). Place...


Dec 22, 2013 sapu94 Release
This library will encode/decode common serialization formats. The first two formats being added are JSON and CSV. Other formats such as XML may be added later. I was surprised no such library already exists (as far as I could tell) as I plan on using JSON and CSV in one of my other addons so thought it'd be useful to put this in its own library. The JSON functions are a modified version of a publicly available, MIT licensed Lua JSON library ( CSV...


Sep 21, 2013 sapu94 Release
DeSpamMaster provides some very basic chat filtering on General/Trade/Local Defense channels. It has the following features. Extremely lightweight Doesn't provide any printed messages of its own that could be considered spammy Simple slash command based configuration (/dsm) The following simple pass/block (non-modifying) filters are automatically applied. Removes basic gold seller spam. Removes thunderfury / 'anal' spam. Removes duplicated messages within a configurable time frame (default 5...


Nov 28, 2012 sapu94 Release
LibAuctionScan is an auction house scanning library that provides APIs for very efficiently and reliably scanning the auction house as well as finding auctions. I will be documenting it more in the near future... This library essentially works like this: You start a scan by calling an API and passing in a list of queries you want the library to run as well as a reference to a callback handler. This API will return a status code describing whether or not the scan started successfully. The...