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Aug 07, 2013 saldarine Mature
BOSEconomy is a simple, lightweight economy plugin. Every player owns an amount of currency and can make simple payments between one another. Read below to see all of the available features. BOSEconomy stands for "Brotherhood of Slaughter Economy". The plugin was originally designed for our community's Minecraft server. Features: Simplicity: install and go setup. Place the plugin in your folder and modify the files. Flexibility: Robust system able to accommodate the simplest of economy setups...
Estimate Armor Sign


Apr 27, 2012 saldarine Release
What does it do? This plugin lets the admin/users setup a repair station and an invoice station. Check how much it would cost to repair your items, as well as get a detailed list of all the prices for each and every item. Does this use permissions? Yes it does, you can create permissions nodes so that only admins can place signs, or perhaps you want normal players to create invoice signs but you dont want them to place blacksmiths signs. Does this use an econ system? Indeed it does use an...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found