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Nov 14, 2013 Humbedooh Release
Gnomexcel is a GUI (Gnomatron Unified Interface) for LibSpreadsheet. It might not (yet) be able to serve you breakfast in bed, but you can do your tax return while you PuG! Features in Gnomexcel Import from CSV to Gnomexcel Export your data to either CSV, XML or HTML format. Use math functions like a pro! Works with Excel/Calc macros! Cut, copy or paste cells around to your heart's delight Works with both text, numbers, WoW currency and WoW items Drag items or spells into any cell to copy it...
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May 12, 2011 renews Inactive
Hope you all like my suite, i will work hard on it to make our gamming life easier! Please if you found any BUG report it here: REPORT BUG Leave your comments and let me know what are you guys/girls thinking about it! Implemented Email Copying email text; Forwading email; General When a boss come to 20% or less health you got a warning on party/raid to place your guild standart. Slash Commands /coder - List all current slash commands avaiable. /ss - Take a Screenshot. /pull xx - RW with...