Boss Review

Feb 03, 2010 raegx Alpha
Boss Review records hostile abilities/spells, summons, emotes, and auras (buff/debuff). This information is displayed in an overview fashion with the ability to look at detail information for any tracked item. Details shown include every time during the encounter the ability was used, the time between uses, and the target of the tracked item if applicable. This information can be used to quickly in game break down encounter timers/cooldowns on abilities, obtain the name of relevant...


Nov 04, 2010 raegx Inactive
StackWatch is a very that is meant to warn players about a user defined aura (buff/debuff). Players affected by the user specified aura is whispered and assigned an icon at either initial application or a specific stack. This addon is very useful for PTR encounters and/or for encounters that do not have suitable aura warning systems. To configure it, access it through the default WoW addon interface configuration menu. Press ESC Click Interface Click the Addon tab

Heal Organizer

Mar 09, 2011 Ackis Inactive
This add-on helps organizing the healers in your raid by allowing the user to drag and drop healers into different assignments. Assignments can be as complex or simple as the user wishes. = Quick Start = Open Heal Organizer by using the slash command: /healorganizer, /hlorg, or /ho Click on the default assignments (%MT1%, %MT2%, …etc) to change wording Drag and drop healers into assignments Optionally enable whispering assignments by clicking “Whisper healers…” Click “Raid”/”Channel” in the...


Nov 29, 2011 raegx Inactive
Features Sinestra Wrack is available as a Status in Grid Show how long Wrack has been on a target in seconds (assign it to a text indicator not a dot or icon indicator) 3 Selectable colors (default Green, Orange, Red for ok, warning, danger) Time colors show is configurable (e.g. 2nd color shows at 8 seconds, 3rd colors shows at 12 seconds) The module will only observe combat events inside the Bastion of Twilight and specifically inside of Sinestra's sub zone. Meaning virtually zero overhead...