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Titan [Reputation] (+Glamour)

Oct 16, 2014 papsol Release
If you like my work you should visit and bookmark my WOW Blog: Titan [Reputation] Titan Reputation is a reputation plugin for Titan Panel. It allows you to more easily monitor and track your faction standings with any faction you may be farming reputation with. Titan Reputation provides the following features. Displays the faction data of a given faction in a customizable button directly on Titan Panel. Toggle auto-change display of most recent changed faction....
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Feb 20, 2014 papsol Alpha
6.0.2 Update Pending I'm planning an update. No ETA yet, blizzard would call it "Soon". If you like my work you should visit and bookmark my WOW Blog: BETA STATUS This project has reverted back to a beta status since 5.0.4. The addon still works as a library for addons which call it for custom alerts and Seems todo okay with normal achievement alerts but there are some issues that i'll be working to resolve over time when I can. If you do not subscribe to using beta...


Oct 01, 2013 papsol Inactive
This addon is used to remember your SetConsoleKey keybinding when using wow in -console mode. By design, the client will not remember your console keybind and I find myself annoyed with having to reset it every time I restart the game. This simple addon hooks the SetConsoleKey function so it can save your last console keybind and then loads it on startup. Note: Due to the way addons are loaded, this addon can only set your console key after you have selected a character. Prior to selecting a...


Oct 01, 2013 papsol Inactive
ALPHA SOFTWARE This is an alpha test being posted to curse for tracking and sharing with alpha testers. Alpha software is in very early development and will likely contain bugs. Feel free to test out the software and report any issues or suggestions as you see fit. I will do what I can to accommodate most requests within reason. Additionally, if you are an alpha tester have been doing a significant amount of questing with this addon enabled. I ask that you email me a copy of your...


Jun 13, 2013 papsol Inactive
type /treasure to display a list of one-time lootable items that count toward the Riches of Pandaria achievement added in 5.1. The list will show you all the names and their associated zones that your character has not yet looted that count toward the achievement.


Jun 13, 2013 papsol Inactive
Description This addon adds a series of simple slash commands, usable in macros, that will either delete every occurence of a specific item, or all junk items, from your bags. Disclaimer The addon has been thoroughly tested by myself and I didn't find any bugs. The item name it matches is always an exact match, so make sure you always put the whole item name in the command. Most item names in WoW are unique and I haven't found any example of one where the begining of its name was the whole...


Jun 13, 2013 papsol Inactive
This addon serves one function. Allows updating your RealID/ broadcast message using a simple slash command. Usage Simply type /toast <message text> This will update your current broadcast message with whatever you provide for <message text>. Note: The frequency this message can be updated, as well as the size of the message text are hard coded limits by Blizzard and cannot be altered.


Jun 13, 2013 papsol Inactive
Adds several party/raid oriented command line commands to the game: All Players /lv | leaves the group /tele | teleports in/out of dungeon when in a LFD group. /ploot | set Pass On Loot to Yes Group Leaders /mraid | Converts the party to/from raid. /sloot | sets loot type and threshold. /sgroup | sets group difficulty to normale, heroic or challenge modes /sraid | Sets raid difficulty to 10, 25, 10h, 25h /heroic | toggles the current raid/dungeon difficulty between heroic/normal modes...

Titan [CurrencyTracker] (+Glamour)

Jun 13, 2013 papsol Release
6.0.2 Update Pending I'm planning an update. No ETA yet, blizzard would call it "Soon". Titan [CurrencyTracker] Titan Panel plugin to monitor and display Token/Currency information. Features: Toggle tracked tokens individually or by groups.. Session Tracking with TokenPerHour Support. Optional token change announcement. (local raid warnings). Optional token change chat logging. (local chat frame). Multiple Character Support in Tooltip. Glamorized notifications when receiving tokens. Supports...