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Feb 05, 2012 mojosdojo Inactive
Broker: Whereabout is a small, but efficient LDB plugin to show your current zone, subzone and coordinates. It is inspired by yleaf's leafZone and Rilgamon's zz_Coords. Features: Basic LDB text + tooltip: Zone, subzone, coords; Colored according to zone PvP status. Left-click to toggle map, shift-click to print the current whereabout to open chat editbox. Localized for enUS and deDE clients (contact me if you can provide localized strings). A few options to configurate via Lua. Broker:...
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Sep 19, 2011 Cyprias Inactive
StopAddonMessage (SAM) is a firewall that lets you prevent addons from sending and receiving hidden messages. Don't want others knowing you're running a certain addon? Worried about what addons are broadcasting? Want to silence a spamming addon? Receiving You are not in a raid spam in battlegrounds/arenas? Receiving You are not in a guild spam? SAM can help. FAQ: Q) How does SAM block outgoing messages? A) SAM hooks SendAddonMessage() and blocks messages from being sent out. Q) How does SAM...