Sep 21, 2012 misterb1986 Release
Indicates the raid members with the most other raid members within a specified range. By default it will show the 3 raid members with the most other raid members within 7 yards. Created mainly to assist with Efflorescence placement.


Dec 05, 2011 misterb1986 Inactive
Attempts to indicate which members of your raid will be healed by your next cast of Light of Dawn. Assumes the Light of Dawn targets a rectangle, 10 yards wide and 30 yards long, with the player situated at the center of one end. Anything in the rectangle is assumed to be within range of Light of Dawn. In attempting to determine which targets within the rectangle will actually be healed, the possible targets are sorted by health deficit and the top 5, or 6 if glyphed, possibilities are...


Nov 29, 2011 Cyprias Inactive
Adds "line of sight" status to Grid (after the error occurs). The status is disabled seconds later. The idea being if someone you're healing is LOS, you can dim their frame's transparency temporarily or indicate that you need to maneuver yourself into line of sight. Donations welcome. There's a donate button here. Bitcoin address: 13mvJMp8Z38SUAnZ4PgGpio5L2inqWQGsP