Action Highlighting


Nov 17, 2014 soulwhip Release
Nemo is a pre-configured addon that glows the highest priority spell in your DPS rotation. We are looking for developers to help with rotations and features. Send soulwhip a PM if interested. 6.0 Rotations priority by request: DK: Frost in progress Monk: Windwalker Druid: Balance Rogue: Combat Hunter: Survival Paladin: Ret Mage: Frost DK: Blood 6.0 Rotations complete (Let me know if a complete rotation is broke and I can fix it quickly): Warlock: Destruction Warrior: Protection Hunter: Beast...

Dungeon Helper

Oct 15, 2014 yess Release
Dungeon Helper provides a few helpful improvements to your daily dungeon grinding. Plays an alarm sound when your dungeon invitation pops up (Works with WoW minimized). Shows a dungeon invitation timer. Post the time needed to complete the dungeon into the party chat. "Dungeon completed in: x Minutes" (Optional) Call To Arms Watcher: Announces "Call To Arms" bonus rewards availability of selected roles to your chat or plays a sound. Data Broker Plugin: Dungeon Helper also includes a Broker...