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Mar 28, 2014 jacob_vejvoda Release
Features Be your favourite super hero in this epic new mini-game. Battle until only the best is left standing. Ever wondered that if Batman and Hulk fought who would win? Well now you can find out! Create games by setting two corners, a lobby point, and some spawn points. The blocks will reset after each game. Create join signs. Pick form a list of than ten different heroes! Each hero has special skills and weapons. NOTE: Plugin in Alpha, expect bugs....
Infernal Mobs Logo

Infernal Mobs

Mar 26, 2014 jacob_vejvoda Release
Infernal Mobs Features Mobs will randomly become "infernal", then they will become mini bosses. They get a random amount of random powers, a name tag proclaiming them "infernal", and when they die they will drop random enchanted loot. I saw this mod for Forge made by Atomic Stryker, and thought I would make a version for Bukkit. Most aspects of this mod are configurable. A picture of an Infernal Spider: A picture of an Infernal Chicken with the boss bar:...

Custom Help

Mar 17, 2014 jacob_vejvoda Release
Custom Help Features Set what you want displayed when /help is used. Create sub help categories like /help guns and set what you want displayed. -------------------------------------------------------------- Commands /chelp help /chelp reload /help /help <specific> If useShortHelp is set to "true" in the config: /? /? <specific> -------------------------------------------------------------- Permissions Permission to use the /help command: custom.help.use Permission to reload the help config:...
Advanced Genetics

Advanced Genetics

Mar 07, 2014 jacob_vejvoda Beta
Features Get mobs abilities by collection their DNA and combining it with yours! I saw this mod for forge on the Minecraft forums, so I decided to make my own bukkit version. Machines: -------------------------------------------------------------- Recipes/Machine Use Video Tutorial: Scraper Recipe: Syringe Recipe: Extractor Machine: Cells go in left slot, EnderEyes go in bottom. Then you flip the lever and DNA strands go into the right. Analyzer Machine: Skin goes in the top slot, buckets of...

Slot Lock

Feb 03, 2014 jacob_vejvoda Release
Slot Lock Features Set which slots you want locked, the item you want locked in the slot, how many of the item, the name, and the lore. You can also set a command and book from the books.yml if the item is a book. Backpacks can be crafted with the defined recipe, they must be chest-plates, when you put them on they unlock the defined slots. -------------------------------------------------------------- Commands /sl help /sl reload /sl info...
Gold Touch

Gold Touch

Jan 26, 2014 jacob_vejvoda Beta
Gold Touch Features When gold touch is enabled anything you right or left click will turn to a gold block, you can also turn players to gold. When gold aura is enabled the ground around you (including water and lava) will turn to gold as you walk, jump, and move around. When gold drop is on any items you drop will turn to gold ingots, any blocks you drop will turn to gold blocks, and apples and carrots will turn to their respective to gold apples/carrots. You can give yourself full gold...

Better Crops

Aug 22, 2013 jacob_vejvoda Inactive
Better Crops Features Use bonemeal on dirt to change it to grass. Use bonemeal on cobble to change it to mossy cobble. When mining any ore there is a very small chance that a "ore tree" seed will drop. If you bonemeal the top block of a cactus or sugar cane, it will grow taller. If you bonemeal sand, you will get a dead bush. And you can make it a dead tree. If you bonemeal a fully grown melon or pumpkin stalk, it will grow a fruit. If you bonemeal mossy cobble you will get vines. Old...

EnderMan Trample

Aug 04, 2013 jacob_vejvoda Inactive
EnderMan Trample Features When an enderman spawns he can randomly become a "trampler". These "tramplers" look for tilled dirt and when they see it they teleport to it and it gets trampled. -------------------------------------------------------------- Commands None -------------------------------------------------------------- Permissions None -------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration/Installation None, just drop the plugin into your plugins folder and...
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