Oct 13, 2014 humfras Release
Displays a movable/resizable bar with ticks indicating expected time of next enemy auto attacks. Current target is marked with red, focus with yellow; white ticks are faded out depending on expected damage. Currently there is no support for dual wielding enemies, as the combat log API does not differentiate between main hand and off hand attacks, although it is somewhat possible to guess from damage.

Broker: Custom

Oct 13, 2014 humfras Alpha
Broker: Custom is an approach to a dynamic LDB plug-in with maximum flexibility. The idea is to have a tool to easily create/manipulate own custom LDB plug-ins in-game from a central AddOn. It provides an in-game configuration with various templates to create individual LDB plug-ins. Each created plug-in (or module) features: visual configuration (icon, label, text modification) event handling (plug-in updates on events or based on time (->OnUpdate)) scripts (OnClick, OnTooltipShow /...
Main bag window(s)

cargBags Nivaya (RealUI/standalone)

Oct 16, 2014 humfras Release
About A fan update of cargBags_Nivaya for Mists of Pandaria. Thanks to all addon coders who contributed to this update and Luzzifus for his original AddOn and support. This is an inventory addon featuring item filters, new items, support for item sets, empty bagspace compression and alot more. It is a layout for cargBags. However, cargBags 2.x is included, so you don't need to download it separately. Features You can freely move the main inventory window (and the bank window), all the other...
Derpy Stuffing Bags

Derpy Stuffing Bags

Mar 16, 2015 humfras Release
One Bag addon updated and extracted from DerpyUI. Features Shows all bags as one big bag Option to auto stack items (click on >>20<<) Option to auto sort items by quality and category (click on Search bar opens when right-clicking on Search Clean black transparent and code based textures Bag can be moved around free without holding down alt key Bank can be moved separated from the bags Bag and bank position are saved whenever you move them Possible to buy bank slots without disabling...


May 05, 2015 humfras Release
Description FixGlobalStrings fixes incorrect global strings in the german client introduced with patch 6.0 leading to buggy error messages such as "Benötigt 1s". It fixes the strings to actually show the correct string values again instead of the incorrect replacements. "Benötigt 1s" => "Benötigt Amboss" / "Benötigt Schmiede" / "Benötigt Wiederverwertung" / ... etc. Restrictions: This AddOns may cause taint regarding the glyph frame. If you want to change a glyph and you get an error, simply...
FreeButton and Menu (skinned with ButtonFacade Entropy: Bronze)


Mar 10, 2015 humfras Release
Quick discription Poisoner allows you to apply via 2 different possiblities: PoisonMenu QuickButton (=> configuration menu) click LEFT mouse button to apply it to your main hand weapon RIGHT mouse button to apply it to your offhand weapon MIDDLE mouse button (scroll wheel) to apply it to your throw weapon buy a choosen amount of poisons via confirmation or automation on vendor visit watch warns when your poisons are about to expire warns when your low on poisons and need to restock Current...


Nov 20, 2014 humfras Release
This adds Masque (ButtonFacade) support for Poisoner's menu buttons. Requires Masque to work.

RaidMobMarker HUD

Oct 13, 2014 humfras Release
RaidMobMarkerHUD is a standalone addon of RaidMobMarker. The HUD provides a circular window for one-click marking. To display it, use the assigned key (see WoW's keybinding options) or the slash command. Current dev status: active - semi-active - pending - inactive ...maintaining... How to use To mark a target with a raid symbol, target the unit, hold down the assigned button ''or'' hold down the assigned button and target a unit. '''Left-click''' a symbol and your current target will be...

Sword Art UI

Oct 13, 2014 humfras Alpha
This AddOn is a UnitFrame AddOn inspired by Sword Art Online (wikia). It features custom made artwork to make it look as close to the original as possible while being as informative as possible. This is still work in progress and is intended to grow to a complete UI modification/replacement. Current features UnitFrames player target targettarget party frames boss frames arena frames supports any valid unitId and player names from anyone in your party/raid Configuration Use /sau or /swordartui...
Raid #6


May 12, 2016 humfras Release
05/12/16 Update: A preliminary build of VuhDo for the Legion Beta can be downloaded here: Note this is very much a work in progress. Please help test and file bug reports on CurseForge! - Ivaria @ US-Hyjal VuhDo release v3.70 with support for Warlords of Draenor patch 6.2! To get started read the updated quick start guide over at Icy-Veins. Keep those feature requests and bug reports coming! Please file CurseForge tickets...