Main bag window(s)

cargBags Nivaya (RealUI/standalone)

Oct 16, 2014 humfras Release
About A fan update of cargBags_Nivaya for Mists of Pandaria. Thanks to all addon coders who contributed to this update and Luzzifus for his original AddOn and support. This is an inventory addon featuring item filters, new items, support for item sets, empty bagspace compression and alot more. It is a layout for cargBags. However, cargBags 2.x is included, so you don't need to download it separately. Features You can freely move the main inventory window (and the bank window), all the other...
Fake "Level up" for testing


Jul 31, 2014 MrCool Inactive
Bored of the old, yellow, spiritless system message you get each time you Level Up ? This mod could be the solution, as it replaces the level up system message by a complete Level Up animation with music and sound displaying what stats you have gained and the new skills you can now learn from your class trainer. :) The mod is compatible with English and French clients. Other clients will use the English localization. Current dev status: active - semi-active - pending - inactive...
Example 2


Sep 17, 2013 humfras Inactive
CursorCastBar adds circular cast bar(s) to your mouse cursor. Features Cast bar, Global Cooldown Bar, Mirror Bar, Remaining cast time, Spell Name, Spell Icon, and more. The configuration is done via the Blizzard interface options. You can access it via ESC/Interface/CursorCastbar or /ccb Current dev status: active - semi-active - pending - inactive Complete Ace-rewrite CPU-effectiveness enhancements Advanced configuration and visualization. ToDo (in no particular order): Healing Bar -...