Roll frames


Nov 12, 2010 hfdixus Inactive
Description This addon replaces standard loot roll frames and logs loot. Slash commands /hflr toggle - toggles anchor /hflr settings - opens options frame /hflr log - opens log frame Current features Layout customization Loot roll auto-confirm Making roll frames click-through while in combat Delaying frames disappearing Displaying winner's nickname Loot logging Known issues If there are multiple open rolls with the same item name, roll counters and winner highlighting may work incorrectly....


Sep 04, 2010 hfdixus Beta
LibRecursiveAnim-1.0 A library allows creating AnimationGroup that handles frame with all child frames as single object. API documentation Example: libAnim = LibStub:GetLibrary("LibRecursiveAnim-1.0"); local MyFrame1 = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent); MyFrame1:SetHeight(100); MyFrame1:SetWidth(100); MyFrame1:SetPoint("CENTER"); local Texture1 = MyFrame1:CreateTexture(); Texture1:SetAllPoints(); Texture1:SetTexture(0, 0, 0); local animationGroup =...