Aug 06, 2011 galmok Inactive
GuildAds is an all-in-one tool for guilds to share items, see each other's gear, track alts, and more. Inside a channel, players can chat see which objects are need by others see which objects are offered by others see skills and professions of all players see the reputation of all players inspect (equipment/talents) other player everywhere post articles in the in-game forum It does NOT send account information : to group player by account, a random id is created. User manual see web site :...


Jan 04, 2011 galmok Inactive
LibCompress is a compression and decompression library implemented entirely in WoW-friendly Lua. It supports the LZW and Huffman algorithms, and can automatically choose the most efficient algorithm for your data. One popular usage for this library is to send a compressed table to another player or add-on. Doing this requires additional encoding to remove the \000 characters from the data stream. Take a look at the forum post for more info and a development discussion:...