LDB quest tooltip


Sep 20, 2012 gagou Inactive
TomQuest2 is a quest addon that is made for LibDataBroker (ldb) here is a list of addon using ldb. TomQuest2 was heavilly insipred by fubar QuestFu (thanks to kemayo for this great addon) Here is a list of Modules and their features: Quests Tooltip Display number of quests in the quest log Display number of completed quests Display maximum number of quests allowed Quest tag for daily, pvp, dungeon, number of suggested player and level Clickable tooltip and mouseOver interaction Display quest...


Sep 16, 2012 gagou Inactive
tomYeller is an addon I created for my guild to announce the following abilities in raid (or party) : Combat rez: Rebirth Soulstone Resurrection Raise Ally Bloodlust like spells: Bloodlust Heroism Time Warp Ancient Hysteria Single target defensive cooldowns: Pain Suppression Guardian Spirit Hand of Sacrifice Hand of Salvation Hand of Protection Hand of Freedom Raid wide defensive cooldowns: Aura Mastery Divine Guardian Rallying Cry Spirit Link Totem Power Word: Barrier Tranquility Misc...