Nov 30, 2013 father0fnine Release
This is a small little utility that shows how much XP is needed for the next level and what percentage full the bar is. I like having my xp bar show XXXXX/YYYYY but I also want to know how many XP I need and, more recently, what percentage full the XP bar is. This little utility shows that in the right side of the XP Bar. Commands: There is no GUI interface. The commands are activiated with /xpleft or the shrotcut /xp if available. /xpleft - shows the list of other commands /xpleft number -...


Mar 19, 2013 Satrina Release
Digits has been updated for 5.2.0 with support for the Monk class and a fix for the bug preventing font change for the power value. headhuntress Satrina no longer maintains this addon, here is his last message(I don't feel like deleting it): Well, it's that time I haven't actually played WoW in over a year at this point, except for some time put in for Cataclysm since it launched. I had figured that Cataclysm would rekindle the fire, but it just has not. I am done with MMO games. As I noted...
An example layout


Sep 12, 2012 father0fnine Release
Update for path 5.0.4 09/08/2012 Well, CurseForge has changed the requirements for how an Addon is packaged and the current package layout is being rejected. It will have to be rearranged or, possibly, split into two separate addons. The problem is that Satrina Buff Frame and SBF Options are, technically, two separate addons that Satrina originally bundled together. Masque Support 11/30/2011 This is yet another maintenance change based on SBF not being actively maintained. I rolled the patch...