Oct 31, 2013 ncplus Release
XBar for WoW (World of Warcraft) * A customizable interface framework for supporting custom, movable button bars. By Dr Doom (Shalune on Kargath) FEATURES: * Movable * Orientable (rotate/reverse) * Sizable * Modular: Lets you easily create addons using this framework * Customizable: Add your own unique features to your bar * Pop-out menus: Use the toggle buttons * Dynamic, all-in-one configuration window * Supporting option sets for each or multiple characters * Localized in several languages...


Nov 14, 2009 drdoom5081 Inactive
LibQueue by DrDoom (Shalune on Kargath) This is an open-source delayed-processing and buffer queue library developed for World of Warcraft There are three functional concepts this library works with: Queue: Allow you to place information on it for later retrieval Standard queues use a FIFO buffer with rotational positioning, meaning no constant clientside cleanup, therefore faster access. The queue is designed to handle any type of data, even nil, so prior datachecking is recommended. Timer:...