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Feb 16, 2014 destroyer4017 Release
ProMOTD Description ProMOTD is a simple plugin that allows server owners to change almost anything about the MOTD message that appears on the server list. Change it to show a new picture, the connecting player's name, the time, or anything else you could ever want to show to your players! Commands /pmotd - Shows the creator /pmotd help - Shows help /pmotd ud <motd> - Set the default, unknown player motd group /pmotd kd <motd> - Set the default, known player motd group /pmotd p <player> <motd>...


Nov 26, 2013 destroyer4017 Inactive
ChatBoxes is a totally unique chat plugin that changes the way players message each other. ChatBoxes uses a special "Chat Box" system which allows the player to communicate to players in the same box. Why use ChatBoxes? The chat box system does not override other chat managers and regular chat. ChatBoxes allows players to message an entire party of players without interrupting the normal flow of chat. Additionally, the chat box system works much faster than regular private messaging plugins....

Potion Effect HUD

Nov 03, 2013 destroyer4017 Release
Potion Effect HUD Potion Effect HUD is based off of Status Effect HUD. Potion Effect HUD uses the scoreboard as a way to display the player's potion effects. Usage Once installed, Potion Effect HUD will override ALL other scoreboards in the sidebar slot. Any potion effects a player gets splashed with will display on the sidebar along with the amount of time the potion has remaining. This plugin is incredibly useful for servers involving combat, as players will never have to look into their...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found