Jan 15, 2010 delphyne Release
Very minimal LibDataBroker data feed to display data about the currently watched faction in the reputation pane. Tracked items include: Name of faction Current progress towards the next rank Current progress percentage Current standing Optional coloring of progress and standing Amount of rep gained/lost since login or watched faction change Right-click to enable or disable any of the above. Mousing over will show the full label, regardless of options chosen. Clicking the label will open the...


Sep 24, 2012 delphyne Inactive
rcli provides a set of quick /rcli commands which allow a raid leader to manage a raid without the need to reach for a mouse. The default Blizzard interfaces to manage raids are split across many different windows and tabs, and very few functions can be applied to multiple members. This addon attempts to make it easier consolidate and macro raid management. Basic features include: Invite a full raid in a single command, converting to a raid when the first person joins your party Move members...