Jan 23, 2015 daxdax Beta
The only mod manager you will ever need. Click 'load profile', and TMA will load the checked, and only the checked, addons. Great for if you regularly raid or PvP/Arena. Directions: There is a new 'addon' button in* the game menu, that opens up the TooManyAddons interface. '/TMA' will also open up the interface. Create a profile by typing in the profile name and hitting enter, or you can use the Default profile. Select which addons you want to load as part of the profile. When it is time to...
version 4

Auction Snatch

Nov 01, 2013 daxdax Inactive
Auction Snatch keeps a saved list of items you want to buy from the Auction House, and automatically scans the Auction House for every item on your list. It's very fast and will happen before you have time to type anything. If an auction is found, a prompt will appear to ask you what you want to do. The selections in the Prompt are self-explanatory. Many mods keep track of items you want to remember or search for - but I found it tedious to keep selecting items in the list. Auction Snatch...
report to raid

Weakest Link

Dec 13, 2012 daxdax Inactive
Ever try to figure out why your raid is failing? Ever try to figure out who died first, or what killed the tank, or just want to sound like a raid leader without doing any work?? The combat log is horrible at reporting player deaths. It doesn't include how they died in the death, it doesn't let you single out a specific player, and sometimes it just doesn't show deaths period, even when you have the option checked. WeakestLink attempts to overcome these shortcomings by announcing raid deaths...
Mountiful 1.6


Oct 07, 2012 Jomar Inactive
Mountiful is a mod that helps you randomly select and use a mount or pet based on pre-defined categories. Features A new macro named 'Mountiful' should appear in your general macros. Click it to summon your mount. The icon should always show the next mount that will be cast. Right-click to summon a ground mount. Shift-Right-Click to change the icon. A new button should appear in your spell interface, below the default Mount button, that brings up the interface /mountiful, /mount, and /mo will...

Rogue Spam Reborn

Sep 24, 2012 daxdax Inactive
When in combat, you will not see all those annoying errors spamming the center of your screen. You know, 'you have no target' or 'out of range' or especially 'not enough energy'. That sort of thing. Loosely modeled after the original RogueSpam. Since there doesn't seem to be any mod out there that hides the messages all the time, I included that functionality into RSR. Type '/RSR always' and you will never see any error messages in the middle of the screen, not even out of combat.