What Did I Dispel

Jan 17, 2011 curttasker Inactive
Whenever you successfully dispel a buff or de-buff, the addon will display a link to the dispelled spell in your chat window. Clicking on this link will show you exactly what you dispelled. The addon also tracks all of your dispels, and you can display a list of them on demand. Right-clicking on a spell link will bring up a popup with a link to the spell. For options, type /dispel help


Nov 27, 2010 curttasker Inactive
Allows you to specify a list of buffs to track. Whenever these buffs are cast on you, it will send a whisper to the caster thanking them for the buff, and will notify you when the buff fades. I've found that a lot of buff givers really appreciate knowing their buffs actually landed, and it helps the receiver to know when they gain and lose buffs like Innervate, Guardian Spirit, Body and Soul, etc. Tracks buffs on a per-character basis, and whispers and duration tracking are configurable...


Nov 21, 2010 curttasker Inactive
Tracks the two physical mitigation buffs (Ancestral Fortitude / Inspiration) in Grid, with color coding to indicate the remaining duration of the buff. Only displays for Priests/Shamans. Can be toggled to track the buff only on Main Tanks, as defined by Blizzard raid UI, ORA2, and the random dungeon tool.