Oct 13, 2010 sztanpet Inactive
A very basic addon to set your viewport, no libraries needed. I used to use Electroflux Textronator to set my viewport but as ace2 is slowly phasing out of existence I thought I would make a tiny little set and forget addon to do the job, I might have not searched enough but did not find anything suiting my needs. To help you set up your viewport, you will get a one-time only in-game message when you log in to a character. The slash commands are: /vp /viewport /viewporter The viewport setting...

Click Menu

Dec 17, 2013 cksboy15 Release
Click Menu is an addon intended to replace the Micromenu as well as the Game Menu with a simple menu found by right clicking the minimap. This addon will even handle minimap buttons as well (this feature is officially beta untill someone reports no issues with it) this however will not hide them from the minimap (you can disable them they will still show up in the menu) Only uses 10kb of memory, 0 config literally plug and go. Code is available to use and freely redistribute. Future Plans:...

BobUI core

Dec 16, 2013 cksboy15 Release
This the Core addon for BobUI you can download the full suite here BobUI is a Default UI replacement addon written and intended to be as light as possible on memory while still retaining the functionalities of a fully usable UI. If you break it down it's pretty much the default UI skinned by !Beautycase and has a few added bells and whistles. Known Issues: Nameplate castbars look like crap Aurora Skin is not complete (I'm still working on it, it may take some time) Upcoming Features:...


Sep 28, 2013 cksboy15 Release
This is a very simple and ridiculously lightweight yet nearly complete HUD addon. Configuration is in the config.lua file Upcoming Features: CastBar support (beta code in existing files are disabled) Check out some of my other addons. Check out my crappy new website!


Sep 17, 2013 cksboy15 Release
This addon increases the range of the slider for the Height and Width of the Default Raid Frames so you can make the default raid frames larger, or smaller (which also makes it a nearly useful addon for the default UI). This Addon does work with Blizzard Raid Frame Indicators and other default raid frame enhancements. I am taking feature recommendations that suite this addons purpose (no sorting feature requests please) This addon is inspired by a necro'd thread off the would of warcraft UI...


May 05, 2013 cksboy15 Release
This is a simple addon that makes the chat scroll in reverse. So rather than chat messages coming in from the bottom they go in from the top. Should work with most chat mods and the default chat. Check out some of my other addons