Sep 28, 2013 cksboy15 Release
This is a very simple and ridiculously lightweight yet nearly complete HUD addon. Configuration is in the config.lua file Upcoming Features: CastBar support (beta code in existing files are disabled) Check out some of my other addons. Check out my crappy new website!

BobUI core

Dec 16, 2013 cksboy15 Release
This the Core addon for BobUI you can download the full suite here BobUI is a Default UI replacement addon written and intended to be as light as possible on memory while still retaining the functionalities of a fully usable UI. If you break it down it's pretty much the default UI skinned by !Beautycase and has a few added bells and whistles. Known Issues: Nameplate castbars look like crap Aurora Skin is not complete (I'm still working on it, it may take some time) Upcoming Features:...