Harvest Moon

Oct 10, 2013 chaoslux Inactive
This addon will turn the friendship bar when talking to NPCs (mainly The Tillers) into a different colors based on their reputation level (Stranger, Buddy, Friend...) , particularly, it will use the color scheme found in Harvest Moon games. Colors goes from Black, to Purple, to Blue, Green, Orange and finally Red. Additional localizations would be welcome, and the french localization would need someone with an actual french client to confirm the name of the reputation levels. v1.1 Updated for...
Grinder Frame


Dec 05, 2013 chaoslux Inactive
Overview: This addon is for all those completionists that like things being done. It will add a new tab to your character frame that looks alot like the reputation frame but contains information about various grinds from the game and holds all that info in various bars that need to be filled. No more having to look in the four corners of the interface or having to repeatedly click achievements one by one to see your overall progress. It's all presented to you in a concise manner. Slash...

Achieve Channels 2

Jun 02, 2014 chaoslux Inactive
This is a new and updated version of an old addon of mine from 3 years ago. Addon Use: This addon will send messages when you earn achievements the same way they appear in guild chat, to any custom channel that you want it to appear to.It will also take care of filtering out those messages sent so you dont see your own achievements a million times every time. The first achievement you gain on any character will not be filtered. Command Line function: /ac or /achievechannel Changes from...


Nov 10, 2014 chaoslux Alpha
Not for Public Use Version 4 of the LUI interface, a complete UI overhaul. Currently experiement and nothing more than a shell of an addon and should only be installed on a wow installation you arent playing on. Discussion:

LUI Core

Dec 16, 2014 chaoslux Release
This is the core addon, for updates only, if you do not currently have LUI installed, you want to get the full package at LUI on WoWInterface to be able to install the whole project without any troublesome problems. LUI is a Next Generation World of Warcraft User Interface dedicated to replace the standard Blizzard UI in a way you cannot imagine. I'm very proud to present you LUI v3 one of the most advanced and elaborate User Interfaces ever made. This project was first engineered by Loui,...