Internal Cooldown Monitor

Feb 21, 2010 cannadrys Beta
ICDMON is up to date for patch 3.3.2 ICDMON is an addon that tracks internal cooldowns. Slash Commands: /icd or /icdmon Functionality: Supports all classes. Procs are current for all physical DPS items as of 3.3.2. Caster and Tank based procs will be added in a near future release. Tracking frame is draggable by Control-Drag and Drop. Dynamic proc detection. Donations: Donations appreciated, but of course are not necessary.. PayPal: ewhenn (at) yahoo dot com. Known issues: Caster procs not...
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(RRH) [Cata+PTR] Retribution Rotation Helper w/Holy Pow Bar

Oct 31, 2010 cannadrys Inactive
Retribution Rotation Helper with Holy Power Bar (from here after referred to as "RRH") is a BETA+PTR Cataclysm Mod. Video:\\ Purpose To display holy power bars as well as calculate and display single target DPS order as a rotation helper, taking into account procs, execute phases, cooldowns, and holy power. This addon will not perform your rotation for you. Blizzard has gone to great lengths to prevent an addon from having said functionality. Even if...