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Broker: Raid Finder

Oct 15, 2014 burny_dd Release
Broker: Raid Finder – A broker addon that monitors trade and lfg channels in major cities for raid offers. Supports remote search through friends and guild mates. Features – Monitor General, Trade and LookingForGroup channels in major cities for raid offers. Remote search. With activated addon communication option guild mates, mutual friends and battlenet friends using this addon will monitor city channels for you while you are out of town and inform you about the results. Cross-character...
XP Bars with Ticks

Broker: XPBar

Oct 15, 2014 burny_dd Release
Port to Broker and upgrade to Ace3 of Wobin's old "Fubar - XPFu". Displays Infos about XP and watched Faction and adds bars for XP and/or reputation to your Broker bar addon. Select custom colors for bars or use predefined colors based on standing for the reputation bar. You can attach the bars to (almost) any frame by click selecting the desired anchor frame with the mouse (similar to Xparky). You can attach the bars to any side of the frame on outside as well as on the inside. Adjust anchor...
Tracking target player


Oct 15, 2014 burny_dd Release
TomTomPing - Addon that uses TomTom's Crazy Arrow to display the direction and distance of pings and party members. Features - Ping tracking: listens to Minimap pings Waypoint tracking: set and unset waypoints to track Player tracking: track any party or raid member Manual selection of tracking target Auto track Target, Focus, Mouseover, Mouseover-click (Works with addons like Healbot and Grid) Stick/Unstick current Arrow target: make current arrow target sticky; overrides selected tracking...
Text Alert

Broker: ChatAlerts

Oct 15, 2014 burny_dd Release
Addon that shows on screen messages for certain events and channel activities. For all those people like me who can't keep track of chat frames while raiding ;-) New - Added 'Raid Warning' as possible text alert output. For text alerts assign any of the possible areas provided by display addons (SCT, MSBT, Parrot) Make messages sticky or floating for SCT, MSBT, Parrot or the Blizzard Floating Combat Text Test text alerts for all message events in the 'Test Alert Locations' section in the...


Oct 15, 2014 burny_dd Release
Addon that monitors raid instances for characters inside. The primary purpose is to keep track of raid instances for transmog or achievement runs. If you are out of town it is kind of hard to learn about a group forming for that kind of runs. This addon points out any characters it finds in instances you are interested in. Since you might barge in on closed guild runs or people minding their own business please be tactful when contacting them about joining. :-) Features Monitor selected raid...