Sep 17, 2013 bsmorgan Beta
CalendarSpamRemove removes any pending calendar invite from the currently visible month that is not from a member of your guild or from someone in your friends list. Optionally, the author of the spam can be reported. Reports are only made once for each unique author. As installed, CalendarSpamRemove will not remove or report until configured to do so using slash commands. The slash command "/csr" or "/calendarspamremove" will print the help text, "/csr remove" will toggle the remove option,...
gv in action

Gem viewer

Nov 30, 2011 snaa Inactive
Siena's Gem Viewer is simple (not for creator ;P) addon for World of Warcraft. SGV filled little glitch in AH which Blizzard 'patched' in 2.1.0. Frankly saying, I was not going to update or develop this mod any further, since I don't play WoW, but people @ demanded a new, working version, so I created 3.1.3- a compatibility release. Since I quit wow long time ago I rarely check wowinterface and I don't track this mod anymore. Version was created by Coren...