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Jan 10, 2014 belechannas Release
This addon monitors the healing throughput attributable to Critical Rating, Haste and Mastery, and quantifies how increases in those stats, as well as Intellect and Spellpower, will translate to throughput increases. For Resto Shaman only! The addon features a browser interface to allow you to review and filter selected encounters, or display aggregate data for all of them. It also prints a summary of each fight to the chat window at the end of combat. New in version 1.2 (Beta): Analysis of...
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Sep 13, 2011 Cyprias Inactive
Cataclysm update: I'm playing a lvl 5 Free to Play Shammy, I'm not 100% sure if everything works. Totem Radius (TR) shows you where your totem's aura has effect on the minimap. Discussion page: here. Features Track where your totems dropped on the minimap. Track other shaman's totems. Show a radius ring around the totem of where the totem's aura has effect Rings appear semi-transparent when inside, opaque when outside. If 2+ shaman drop the same totem and you're inside one, then other totem...