Option panel


Dec 28, 2012 alexwild Release
DailyQuestHelper auto accepts daily quests and after finishing them it auto complets the quest, just by clicking to the quest giver. DailyQuestHelper is much more simpler and more generic then the old RepeatableQuestHelper. DailyQuestHelper can learn new daily quests just by talking to a quest giver. After learning a new daily quest, the quest appears in the option panel of DailyQuestHelper and can be activated or deactivated, by default, all new learned quests are enabled. The quest giver...
WhipserBroker No One


Dec 27, 2012 alexwild Release
WhisperBroker keeps track of your last received whispers. It displays the time and name of the last person who whispered you. The tooltip offers more. You can see the last two whispers of every Person you received since your login. The whispers are shortened, but you hopefully never miss a whisper again. WhisperBroker needs any kind of display addon like Titan Panel, Chocolate Bar, etc.


Dec 31, 2010 alexwild Inactive
RepeatableQuestHelper is an addon which makes it easier to accept and complete repeatable Quests like Dailies and others. The first intention was to make an addon which helps to turn in items like Marks of Sargeras and reduces the several numbers of mouseclicks to a single click on the NPC. Now this addon is able to automatically accept repeatable quests like dailies with a single click on the NPC. After the quest is done, it also automatically completes the quest with a single click on the...