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Jul 20, 2015 afelicetti Alpha
SpaceCraft is the unique plugin that allows you to explore the Minecraft space. Launch artificial satellites in orbit or send ships to the free space. Sending satellites will give you special features: maps of the world, free stone or andesite and other rare minerals. The plugin is in alpha stage, i am working hard to add features and fix known bugs. WARNING: the plugin creates an empty world called "SpaceCraft". Is only a debug world and did not damage other worlds or the server....

Debit Card

Feb 20, 2015 afelicetti Release
Debit Card Debit Card is a economy bukkit plugin. You can allow your players to use a simple DebitCards system for pay other users, receive payments and more! You must have installed the lastest version of Vault (get it here), the lastest Java version and a primary economy plugin (ex. Essentials) to use this plugin. If you have problems with this plugin please use the Ticket system or your comment will be deleted! Installation: Download the plugin; Copy it to the plugins folder of your...


Jul 18, 2014 Lambaline Release
WhatTheStaff v2.0 Updated by lambaline Official Project Page This plugin allows you to send the staff list to a player when he join the server. Installation 1)Download the plugin and copy it into the directory plugins of your server; 2)Start your server; 3)Edit the config.yml file; 4)Done! Usage The plugin show the staff list to the player when he join the server and when he type /staff. Example config.yml file The config.yml autogenerated by the plugin is this: # Config page for WhatTheStaff...


Jun 30, 2014 afelicetti Mature
FreeFood v1.1 Official project page This plugin shows a GUI, where players can take food for free. The food is not customizable, but i am working to add this feature in future. Commands: /food : Allow your players to show the GUI. Permissions: - Config.yml You can customize the name of the GUI from the config.yml file. YouTube reviews. Enghlish review by PluginPvp: View Portugues review by Angel12Death12: View Example: barname: FreeFood! This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found