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Deathmatch - PvP Training [FINALLY NEW UPDATE]

Jan 25, 2015 addemod Release
LATEST FILE: Deathmatch PvP, without losing your stuff. If you die, you will just respawn and you are ready to battle again. This can be used to train your own PvP skill or just a fun thing to do! Idea I came up with this idea because I just realised I suck at pvp. I searched EVERYWHERE on the web for a server that have "pvp training". So you could basicly call this plugin pvp training. I also searched for a...


Aug 13, 2013 addemod Release
ReplaceRegex Disallow players to say words that you can configure in the config file. Punish them with Lightning, Damaging, Banning or kicking. More punishments will come later depending on what you suggest. You can also use this plugin to have a message to ban players. Just add the player's name to the banlist.txt file and then edit 'Punishment.Ban.Reason' to the message you want to display they try to join as banned. This need to have 'Punishment.Ban.Enabled' to false if you want to use the...


Aug 13, 2013 addemod Release
NetherBedrock If a player tries to build on top of nether, (Y: 129) it won't work. The block they place will go away and they will be punished with something that you configured in the configuration file. Simple lightweight plugin that can do much for your server. This plugin is good for faction server to disallow building on top of nether. Permissions PermissionsDescriptionCommand netherbedrock.reloadAllow access to reload the config/netherbedrock aka /nb reload Configuration On Bedrock...
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Aug 07, 2013 itsatacoshop247 Release
PersonalMOTD A plugin that will let you show player's name in the MOTD and/or randomize public motds of your server. You can also use motd to only one player. Version: v2.4 This plugin will show a players name to themselves in the MOTD of your server (that's the message shown in the server list!) It uses mySQL or yml (your choice) to save a players IP. Once the player has logged in at least once to save the IP, it will begin showing them a custom MOTD you define in the conifg, where %name% is...


Aug 03, 2013 addemod Release
RandomGroup RandomGroup is a plugin that gives a player that joined your server for the first time a random group that you have configured. Vault For this to work, you need Vault and a permission plugin compatible with vault. Configuration Groups: Group count: 2 Group1: randomgroup1 Group2: randomgroup2 On group add message: '&2You, &b%name%&2, has been added to the group: &b%group%!' Group count: # - Put this number to the amount of group you want to use. Group# - Keep adding Group# in the...


Jul 11, 2013 addemod Release
BuildVsBreak BuildVsBreak is a plugin to disable either placing, building or both in configurable worlds. This plugin were first made for my server, NetherFactions. Factions in nether, people that donated were able to go to overworld and get blocks and items, but not building a base. First, the plugin was only one world and only preventing building but then after some time, I expanded it and added more features like a sound effect when placing the block, you can disable it in the...


Apr 12, 2013 minoneer Release
Information addemod: I handed over this to 'minoneer'. He will keep the plugin up to date, I am sorry if this plugin didn't go so well, I were and am very busy I do not have time to fix it. minoneer: Thanke you! A new version (1.3) was released, fixing all bugs and changing some other things. It should now be working with any recent bukkit version. I will continue expanding this plugin by adding new features and functions, and of course keep it up to date. Description This plugin has two main...
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