Oct 18, 2014 arith Release
Overview The existing GetMapNameByID API or LibBabble-Zone-3.0 already provided the main zone names and most of the major sub-zone names, so it should be sufficient to fulfil most of the needs of looking-up the zone names' translation. But since above two methods still did not include all the sub-zones' information, that's why this library was created. What's Included Currently the location/zone/sub-zone names from below MPQ files are included: AchievementCriteria (Zone Info only) AreaTable...
Aloft NPC Reputation Module Example 1

Aloft NPC Reputation Module

Oct 01, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
This is a module for the AMAZING addon Aloft. It adds the ability to display the colour of the reaction the NPC's have to you (your Reputation with them). As reputation is character specific if you choice to store the values (on by default) it will store them for each character separately. It add the key: NPCRepColor To use this module to colour the health bar of NPC's to their reaction (so not just red/green but also orange yellow etc...) add the following to the HealthBar Color section:...
Level Revealer - Rest (in an inn/city)

Level Revealer

Jul 16, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
This prevents the rested or combat icons from blocking the display of your current level next to your picture in the top left corning. I created it after getting irritated that every time I was in combat or in a city I couldn't easily get my level. Basically it just moves the icons to a location you specify (in the options) and defaults to the location shown in the screenshots. Enjoy! Zas If you have a suggestion or bug then please by all means post a comment below but also PLEASE add a...

Library: Zasurus' Useful Functions (LibZasUsefulFuncs)

Jul 16, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
This library is a few useful functions that most AddOns could use at one point or another. I use them in lots of my AddOns and to keep the newest version in all my AddOns I decided to make this library and if it exists it may as well get published for others to use! ;) So far the functions that exist are: function TableCount(tableToCount) -- Counts table members function TableMax(tableToGetMax) -- Pulls back the maximum number (index) for the table specified (Like TableCount() but works when...


May 10, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE OVER I am now looking for someone who loves this addon to take it over as I no longer play. :( Contact me if your interested (Zasurus). Overview I always found that I spent to long looking at the minimap for where I was in comparison to quest hand-ins etc. SO I created MiniHugeHUD! It basically takes your minimap, hides the background (the map part but don’t worry you can easily bring it up for a sec to check stuff!) and stretches it over your whole screen! As you...
BreadCrumbs - Minimap


Apr 21, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
Leaves a short trail behind you on your minimap so you know where you have been. Stops you getting turned around and forgetting which way you where going while mining/herbing etc... This works great with GatherMate2, MiniHugeHUD and Routes as they are a great combination as together they can put a really user friendly HUD up for mining/herb gathering as fast as possible! And BreadCrumbs plays it's part by making sure you keep going the correct way around your route and don't mine something...
Logout happening NOW!

AFK Warning

Apr 13, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
This add-on is simply (yet very configurable) to warn you when you have been set AFK. It gets more persistent the closer you get to auto logout time. As of V3 it now has optional broker icons/info, minimap icon, popup window, changeable sounds, full screen alerts and a portrait icon all fully configurable in the options! ENJOY! I have been forced recently due to my account being hacked to contact the GMs to get my stuff back. And waiting for 2-8 hours for a GM to reply is bad enough as it is...

Library: Zasurus' Message Controls (LibZasMsgCtr)

Apr 13, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
This library is to control the displaying of messages to the user and also the control of debugging messages. It allows you to display debug messages on a spacific chat window (1-7) and easly turn them on/off for each function individually or/and store all messages from all functions into a debug log so you can debug a users function without them having to see all the messages and tell you whats going on! For more info see "USAGE" and this image and the newest example addon (called...
WorldExplorer - Carbonite - All Shown


Mar 10, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
If like me you MUST explorer everywhere with each and every one of your characters to get the achievement then this addon is for you! It draws out the EXACT area you must go to discover that area! Remember some area's arn't where the Blizzard map puts them! ;) Once you discover an area it removes that area from your map so you can quickly and easily see where to go to discover the area's you have left. No more running around a blank area on the map trying to trigger the discover area only to...
Small Carbonite Window with Several HandyNotes addon's icons shown


Jan 29, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
HandyNotes_Carbonite is a small addon to allow HandyNotes (and all compatible addons) to be displayed in Carbonite :) There are no options currently although I am open to idea's for options you want to configure. I have thought for a start I will add: Icon size How far out (map zoom) the icons will remain visible Any other options or suggestions then please feel free to add a ticket here! (I have already added a ticket for the above options menu here)

Library: Zasurus' Carbonite fixes (LibZasCarboniteFixs)

Jan 28, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
Origins: I created this to fix Carbonite's code as it doesn't allow you to control the colour of icon's added. I have posted on Carbonite's forums asking if the TINY code change could be added (as it doesn't affect anything that doesn't pass the colour to the icon) but nobody has replied so until they fix it I have created this small fix/library. Description: This replaces some of Carbonite's functions with an almost identical copy with a slight changes: 1-3 - Small changes to the public API...
HandyNotes Special NPCs Etc...

HandyNotes Special NPCs Etc

Jan 23, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
This is a addon for HandyNotes by Xinhuan which can I say is very usefull so thanks Xinhuan! It was ment to be just to add the inns but in my normal way of over kill and being a profectionist I have replaced HandyNotes Trainers as it didn't let you add trainers that you couldn't train with (if you could only speak to them) which this will now. It also adds ALL Trainers (Class, Portal, Pet etc...), Innkeepers, Auctioneers, Bankers, Guild Bank, Battlemasters and Stable Masters. I think thats...
Aloft Party Module Example 1

Aloft Party Module

Jan 02, 2012 Zasurus Inactive
This is a module for the AMAZING addon Aloft. This allows you to display whether a player is in your party or not also if they are the party leader or not. To use it add the key's: IsInParty IsPartyLeader HideInparty HideNotInParty HidePartyLeader HideNotPartyLeader You could goto the advanced tab of the guild (or name) and add it to the end like: [" (Party)":RGB(0,100,255):HideNotInParty:HidePartyLeader][" (Party Leader)":RGB(0,170,255):HideNotPartyLeader] This will add "(Party)" or "(Party...
LibWEStaticDB Data

Library: WorldExplorer Static Database (LibWEStaticDB)

Dec 21, 2011 Zasurus Beta
This is a library of the data files used for WorldExplorer (V2). It is currently in a usable state but has only got data for Outlands and the layout will likely change several times before WorldExplorer (V2) goes to release. Feel free to contact me about this or WorldExplorer (V2). There are several reasons I moved this data to a separate library: I wanted others to be able to use it in other addons (BUT conditions apply (See the Licence)! Mainly cause I'm Vain! ;-)) I wanted to make it fully...
Aloft Friends Module Example 1

Aloft Friends Module

Dec 19, 2011 Zasurus Inactive
This is a module for the AMAZING addon Aloft. It adds the ability to filter for friends (change colours, hide/show stuff for their unit frames etc...) To use it add the key "IsFriend" e.g. you could goto the advanced tab of the guild and add it to the end like: [Name:RGBIf(IsFriend,0,250,255):RGB(170,170,170)] This will colour the players name light blue for friends like this: Bestmateeva Or for normal ppl: Randomplayer Other Aloft Modules I Made: I have made 4 modules for Aloft so far they...
Aloft NPC Faction Module Example 2

Aloft NPC Faction Module

Dec 19, 2011 Zasurus Inactive
This is a module for the AMAZING addon Aloft. It adds the ability to store and display NPC's Factions. Like "Orgrammar", "Stormwind" etc... To use it add the key "NPCFaction" e.g. you could goto the advanced tab of the guild and add it to the end like: [NPCFaction:Angle:RGB(0,255,155)][Guild:Angle:RGBIf(IsGuildMember,100,200,255):RGB(0,255,0)] This will display the players guild OR the NPC's Guild(faction) in the same place! If you use it with Aloft NPC Reputation Module then you can colour...
WoW Mouse Fix - Mouse Found!

WoW Mouse Fix

Oct 19, 2010 Zasurus Inactive
This addon simply tried to enable your World of Warcraft Mouse (the one by StealSeries that WoW always loses!). It will try a number of times (with a wait between each try) after you log in and in MOST cases this will be enough to enable it. IF it can't then it will display the normal error message. No options required just enable and cross your fingers! LOL I created it as nether Blizzard or StealSeries seem to care there product sucked! Bugs & Suggestions: CLICK HERE ALL BUGS/SUGGESTIONS IN...


Oct 17, 2009 Zasurus Inactive
BRB! Due to RealID being anounced I kinda expected this addon to be useless so stopped developement but as RealID clearly didn't meet my expectations and you can only use it for people you trust (also no features to control who sees what toons) I am going to be redevelopeing this once I have released my current project WorldExplorer V2 I will start this again. So now is an ideal time to give me any ideas you have for what FriendsMonitor should do... Maybe interface ideas and what data should...